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Sharebox is a new, personal way to share your once favourite things that you no longer need, rather than simply throwing them away. Our purpose at Sharebox is to create moments of connection with you and people in need, who are willing to take these items and use them on your behalf. Together we can reduce waste, recycle our goods and help children and families across the globe who find themselves in difficult circumstances. What will you share today?

How Does It Work?

We believe that we can make a world full of love, full of sharing, full of fun, and full of SHAREBOX! How does it work? It’s easy!
Step 1. Make a ShareBin with your own unique design from a cardboard box or plastic tub.

Step 2. Start collecting items from around the home that you once loved but no longer need. This includes clothes or shoes that no longer fit, or toys your children have grown out of. 

Step 3. Once your ShareBin is full, Sharebox, will help your old belongings become the new favourite possessions of another child or family who needs them. Simple!

Our Mission

Here at Sharebox, we want to create a global brigade of responsible communities interested in participating in this movement. By utilising spare warehouse capacity across the globe, we aim to create ‘Sharehouses’ where volunteers can sort and store the belongings that they wish to share with those in greater need. With this aim, we seek participation from individuals, communities and organisations that would like to be a part of this global resource re-distribution movement and help us make a difference.

Our History

Sharebox started off by distributing bananas to children in the slums of Mumbai and Kolkata, from trucks sponsored by companies wishing to contribute to the social well-being of the communities they served. In the years that followed, it became a personal endeavour for me to send the clothing, books and toys of my growing children to India. 

It is clear that the children donating their personal belongings for this cause experience a deep sense of satisfaction on watching their once-loved clothes, shoes and toys being worn and enjoyed by the slum kids. With Sharebox, its easy for everyone to share in this experience and make a difference to other families.
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